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Since 1998, we compose and produce music and sound for artists, labels, commercials, movies and documentaries. We have top notch production equipment and always remain up to date with the latest technical innovations. More importantly, we breathe music. We are music fanatics, we need music to survive. Every project is a challenge to accomplish better results than we ever did before.


The technological evolution makes it possible for more and more artists to produce and record in their own home-studio. At the White Cabin, we can help those artists obtain the highest possible quality of production. To make this possible, we offer you a high quality monitoring system, the right tools and the experience to get that specific result you want. We use the advantages of the latest digital mixing techniques with various possibilities, for example plugins for classic mix desk simulations, highly flexible routings and fx processing.


Mastering is a very important final artistic step in the music production process. We have the experience, knowledge and tools to make your music shine. We offer different kinds of master-packages depending on your needs.